Iliad’s Mural V 2.0

Chandler wall mural restored

In October, we were devastated to discover one morning that a significant part of our beautiful mural had been vandalized. A week later, it happened again. Our mural had an anti-graffiti clear coat on it, but when a tag is huge and thick, even the coat can’t help much.

This, of course, came on top of the rest of 2020, which has left us reeling (like most other small businesses). How would we be able to afford to restore the mural when we’re already (barely) running with reduced staff and hours?

We decided to try a GoFundMe, and our customers stepped forward. We were fully funded in a short time, hired an artist (Douglas Kirk), and I’m so happy to announce that the mural restoration was completed last night.

Besides the fact that it looks gorgeous, we also added a few new authors. Take a look below…and THANK YOU to everyone who supported our mural restoration!