Filming at the Iliad

Filming Up All Night at the Iliad

Let us help you with your film and video needs!

Whether you’re a location manager looking for a great place to shoot or a set decorator who needs to find that odd prop, we’re happy to help you here at the Iliad Bookshop.

We have 5,000 square feet in two large rooms, with a convenient rear entrance that provides easy load-in and space for craft service or generators. We have a spacious restroom for the comfort of your crew, and we’re centrally located in the Valley, only 10 minutes from Hollywood, with plenty of non-metered street parking available.

Here’s a partial list of projects we’ve been involved with:

  • S.W.A.T. (CBS series)
  • American Horror Story: Red Tide (FX series)
  • For All Mankind (Apple+ television series)
  • CBS Sunday Morning with Melissa McCarthy
  • Ant Man and the Wasp (Marvel Comics feature film – deleted scene)
  • Shooter (USA Network series)
  • Nobodies (TV Land series)
  • Now Apocalypse (Starz series)
  • Jane the Virgin (CW television series)
  • Better Things (FX television series)
  • The Black Room (feature film)
  • Beyond Wonderland (music festival promotional video)
  • Point of Entry (feature film)
  • Up All Night (NBC television series)
  • Storage Wars (television series)
  • Dear Mr. Watterson (documentary feature film)
  • Yellow Pages (print ad)
  • Windfall (television series)
  • Free Enterprise (feature film)
  • Lethal Weapon 3 (feature film – exterior only)
  • Embrace the Darkness (feature film)
  • Bottom Feeders (feature film)
  • Bang and Whimper (short film)
  • 10/8 (ABC television series)
  • AT&T (commercial)
  • Scientology (commercial)
  • LAX (commercial)
  • SBC (commercial)
  • Emerol (commercial)

Below are a few of the ways the Iliad has been used on film (our front exterior has even been a bar entrance!)…

We’re also honored to have received this wonderful tribute by Calvin Wong in his animated HBO Max series Close Enough (he also paid homage to Powell’s Books in Portland and Mo’s in Berkley).

Here’s a dance video (“Get Low”) that was shot entirely in the Iliad:

Below are photos of parts of the store (and the cats). Feel free to use any of these, or ask us to provide something different:

Or take a virtual tour of our store at Google Maps (note: this dates from 2009 – the store’s changed a little since).

And set decorators/property masters – whether you need 100 feet of cheap books or that unique old tome to serve as a featured prop, we can help!