Dracula in 1901

Cover for Dracula The Rare Text of 1901

I recently catalogued a book called Dracula: The Rare Text of 1901. Wait, what? I know of the alternate versions of Frankenstein, but Dracula also had different versions?

Well, it turns out Bram Stoker’s classic novel had not one but two variations published in 1901!

The first one is an abridged paperback edition. That one provided the basis for Dracula: The Rare Text of 1901.

The other one is based on an Icelandic translation that was first serialized, and then published in a book that included a new preface by Stoker. That one, published under the title Makt Myrkranna (Powers of Darkness), includes elements that may have been added by the translator, like Dracula’s possible quest for world domination! Although we don’t have a copy at the Iliad, Powers of Darkness has been translated back into English and is available as another version of Dracula.

Who knew that everyone’s favorite vampire count had multiple identities just in 1901?