Music books from Genesis Publications

Genesis Publications is a British company that produces some of the most gorgeous music books in the world. Genesis has been in business since 1974 producing fine limited editions; they’ve covered musical artists including David Bowie, Bob Dylan, George Harrison, and The Rolling Stones. Their limited editions are  signed (often by the artists), are folio-sized and presented in slipcases, and sometimes include extras like custom cloth bags and CDs. A few of the books have extraordinary extras: the book on Ravi Shankar, for example, comes with incense (said to be his favorite scent), while the Woodstock title comes with an actual ticket from the festival!

As you might imagine, given the number of copies they print (their limitations typically run between 1,500 and 3,ooo copies), the extraordinary quality of the books, the autographs, and the extras, these books are highly sought in the second-hand market.

As of this writing, we have eleven fine editions from Genesis Publications. We’ve listed the books below, and we’ve tried to provide multiple photographs for each book; however, if you’d like to request a particular photograph or more information, please drop us a line!