Oddities at the Iliad Bookshop

Every once in a while I get a chance to actually browse the books at the store. When that chance comes, I make a beeline to the Oddities section, perhaps my favorite section in the store. It was a stroke of genius on Dan’s part (he’s the owner and founder of the store) to create an section of the store where odd books reside. It’s also a section where we put books that are about subjects that aren’t easily categorized. Where do you put books on the topic of weird classified ads or a famous French fartmaster? Why the Oddities section, sir!

Here’s a very small sampling of the weird, wonderful and interesting books in the Oddities section at the Iliad Bookshop:

Shadow Art: How to Have Fun in the Dark. Create 100 Shadow Animals by Sophie Collins. 2007. Ivy Press Ltd. Paperback, $3.95






Strange Red Cow and Other Curious Classified Ads From the Past by Sara Bader. 2005. Clarkson Potter. Hardback w/Dust-jacket. $4.95






Bath: Past & Present by Maria Joyce & Mary Wills. 1987. Countryside Books. Hardback w/Dust-jacket. $10




How to Start Your Own Country by Erwin S. Strauss 1984. Loompanics Unlimited. Paperback. 2nd edition. $6.95






They Went Whistling: Women Wayfarers, Warriors, Runaways and Renegades by Barbara Holland 2001. Random House. Hardback w/Dust-jacket. $4.95






Melancholy Accidents: Three Centuries of Stray Bullets and Bad Luck by Peter Manseau 2016. Melville House. Hardback w/Dust-jacket. $5.95






Le Petomane: 1857 – 1945 by Jean Nohain and F. Caradec 1967. Sherbourne Press. Hardback w/Dust-jacket. $15






We have over 500 books in the Iliad’s Oddities section with more coming in every day. Email us at info@iliadbooks.com if you’d like more info. You can also order any of the books listed above by adding it to your cart and paying via Paypal.