Iliad Bookshop Gets Around With a Boss Transportation Section

We had a request from a reader to share some of our automotive books and I’ve taken the opportunity to include our entire Transportation section. Although our bookstore emphasizes literature and the arts, we’ve always had a pretty good Ships, Planes, Railroads and Cars section. Of course, we hand-pick the books so that each section has interesting books and not the cheesy remainders stacked up in the front of a Barnes and Noble bookshop.

Most of the books in the Transportation section are in the $5 to $10 range although there are a handful of collectibles that could range up to $50 or $100. Currently, we also have a section on Pirates, Motorcycles and Vehicles (like milk trucks, fire engines, etc.) The largest section in Transportation is Ships & Sea with approximately 9 shelves of books.

I’ve chosen 5 books representing our different sections in Transportation to show you the variety of subjects we carry. There are many, many more books just like these. Please call us (818-509-2665) or send us an email if you want more information.

To see more books on Transportation, check out our Crime & Transportation category.